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Rotterdam fishcompany

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We wanna be the best seafood import company of europe. Thanks to Pecoraventures we get in touch with the best sellers overseas.
John Doe
CEO seafood XL​
Commercial projects

Seafood import

To run seafood company’s you need to know where the best suppliers are and what your customers want. We run company’s with the best data so we know where our investments goes.

Real Estate

Beef XXL

To get the best beef in the netherlands you need see what kind of meat the world has. With our knowledge we know that real good meat is in south america. The benefits of meat from south america is:

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Margaret Curtis
Director at West​ Project
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To have the best wood i needed contacts in noth america and south america. Pecoraventures arranged a meeting with one of the largest company's who export wood for to make exclusive tables. The deal was very fast and good.
Matthew Fox
CEO Wood Export NL
Exclusieve table company

Wood import

To offer the best quality product you need to import the best quality. With our contacts and brokers all over the world we are able to get the best products for our company’s.

We Provide the Best Service

And we only surround us the with the best people and connections